title: identity
publishing: meetphoto

Life came first.
Then, consciousness and man.
Existence and entity.
Nowadays, B&W photography of identities on the Blue Planet.

The whole creative career of Rasťo Čambál, an already reputable photographer, represents a part of his distinctive but particularly unique recognition of life. Knowledge of human universe.

They are author’s efforts of searching for the essence and meaning which help him to create philosophical symbolic but also meaningful relations with a vast consequence on perception and subsequent reflection by the audience. Rasťo’s photographs impersonate his ideas of questions and answers. I appreciate his efforts to give these answers as well. Putting it straight, man’s duality dominates his work. Multipurposeness of human existence.

The content is created by symbols, figure, nude, expressivity and narrativity of relations. He provides them with just a single and simultaneously thousands of opportunities. All of these elements are focused on the efficiency of expression which affects human consciousness. One remembers and starts thinking.

Rasťo’s photopictures of stories which are often strict or even absurd, are based on a contrast. It helps to improve not only their perception but mainly expressiveness.

The author creates them proving his excellent skills in photography techniques. From the composition perspective, each shot is based on the human figure in its central plan. He does not provide a lot of elements or details. From spectator’s viewing angle, all meaningful elements of the photopicture can be seen. Each work consists of maximum two plans. The first plan is represented by the dominance of value; the second one provides the dominance of value through smaller elements or objects. The author combines a photopicture to attract interest immediately and to show its expressional power and provoking theme. I especially appreciate author’s intention to alarm human consciousness, force to think, absorb and reject. His work leaves impression for a long time. Maybe forever.

Identity is a new, discussion-provoking cycle of Rasťo Čambál. Elements of popular existentialism flash through his work. Because just a man and his principles are concerned. Human spirit. What is hard to describe. Telepathy may be the only way of easy and simple absorption and explanation. Deepness of human spirit and its value are at stake.

The cycle Identity consists of three virtual stages representing not the linear but the cyclic time development of human existence.

Birth of identities. How did we gain our identity? What is our identity now?

Content of individual photographs can be provided as a single story of questions and answers, ideas and intentions, contemplations and reflections. Identity of something new was born and originated in nothing. It gained its expression gradually. It became specific. The same way as humans did. Everything is relative. One can live just the real life. There is always a choice but we choose from a certain pool of opportunities. However, the number of opportunities is infinite.

A man can not possess just a single identity. He has to take the choice because everything is camouflage. Everyone has two identities. At least two. The choice is difficult because no one knows of the identity composition. If we look in the mirror we do no like a lot of things we see. Where is the real beauty hidden? Does a beautiful identity exist at all?

On our birth, we won a dowry – the story. We often use to carry it as a load. However, it is up to us how we accept it. We do not know anything of our identity. Where did it come from? Fallen angel is a symbol for equality of living and dead in the last moment of their existence. What will follow?

How about us today? We love temptation, hedonism, wealth, lies, war of words and weapons. Are we capable of loving yet? Does art make sense today for us – the rulers of creation? We all are flesh and mind. Mind, however, does not belong to body. This is the universe, independently of God playing dice at times of its creation.

This is just a story from the past. The life of the Blue Planet which just hardly wises up. Maybe, it could have wised up if other thinking creatures colonized it.

The past is in the future. Therefore, Rasťo Čambál is taking shots of these stories. Excellent sets of photographs showing overlap of art and appeal. This is always to expect from the art.

PhDr.Ľuboslav Moza

máj 2007